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Response Architects manage and operate ShopEX and its fully integrated Response Logistics platform: UniLogix.

We are a multi-channel retail business that sources, markets, and sells innovative and proven products for everyday life.

We are also the exclusive distributors in Africa for some of the world’s most successful ‘As Seen On TV’ products. Our core product categories are lifestyle, fitness, and kitchen.

Being a multi-channel retailer means that we can reach people wherever they are and however they decide to shop.

We pioneer multi-channel retailing and make our products available online, by phone, by click-and-collect, in catalogues, social media, newspapers and magazines.


We also sell our products through retail partnerships across Africa.

 ShopEX has secured exclusive licenses to distribute some of the world’s best-selling ‘As seen on TV’ products across Africa. These products are not available elsewhere in the local market except by retail partnerships with ShopEX. 

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